Trend Analysis joins the already released DOP Professional, DOP Plus, QuickStart and SRW Simulator software packages as part of the Drive Manager suite of Hitachi inverter Software

It is an online monitoring and trending tool which is suitable for the Hitachi L100 inverter, Hitachi SJ100 inverter, Hitachi L300P inverter and Hitachi SJ300 Inverter.

Trend Analysis allows the user to monitor any of the following by plotting a graph on-screen and allows the user to export the graph either to a spreadsheet or the clipboard for further data analysis.

Any or all of the following can be monitored;

  • Output Frequency (Hz)
  • Output Current (Amps & %)
  • DC Link Voltage (V)
  • Direction (Graphic and option to include on graph)
  • Hitachi Inverter Condition (Running, Stopped or Tripped)
  • Condition of Intelligent Input Terminals (ON/OFF)
  • Condition of Intelligent Output Terminals (ON/OFF)
Additional features include;
  • Protection Trip History
  • Export Graph to Spreadsheet Format
  • Copy Graph to Clipboard
  • Click on graph to view readings at any point
  • Multi-Lingual Compatibility.
  • Global product suitable for European, USA and Japanese series Hitachi Inverters.
The software runs on any IBM-compatible PC with Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000.

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