QuickStart is the easy new way to program Hitachi L100 and SJ100 inverters.

This innovative new software enables remote programming from your PC with a simple menu driven Windows based system that requires you to merely enter a few parameters into predefined boxes on screen. Once you've set up the speed and run options, you simply add the maximum frequency, acceleration and deceleration rates using slider bars and then complete the set up by selecting the internal speed parameters as appropriate. To load the program to the drive you simply click on "download to the inverter".

Existing programs can also be downloaded from the inverter for editing with the QuickStart program with a single on screen click. All that is needed to take advantage of QuickStart is an inexpensive communications adaptor that connects your PC to your inverter - available from your local Hitachi distributor. QuickStart runs in Windows 95, 98 and NT.

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