Since the release of DOP Professional in March 2000 there have been continuous improvements in both adding functions and resolving technical issues. Below is a listing of the upgrades released and the summary of the changes made.

Formal Release of DOP Professional on CD (English Only - Hitachi L100 and Hitachi SJ100 Only).
Feature added to include a variable communications time-out option within the 'Options' Window. This was a special release done by customer request and is not available on the standard version.
Full integration of German language.

1 - Correction of loading a file when German language is selected.
2 - Resolve to decimal separator differences. European versions of Microsoft Windows have different decimal separators as default (, or .).

Correction of incorrect reading of parameters B12 (Electronic Thermal Protection) and B52 (Overload Warning Signal).
Beta version of DOP Professional released to Hitachi inverter Distributors for evaluation and testing. Main Features added were full integration of Hitachi L300P and Hitachi SJ300, Compare two saved set-up files, Display parameters changed from factory default, online monitoring tool, Import DOP Plus and SRW Simulator files, Autotune Wizard, links to other programs and addition of Trend Analysis software.
DOP Professional Version 2.0.1 released on CD
2.0.2 1 - Correction to Hitachi L300P default value for A059 DC Injection Carrier Frequency.
2 - Correction of default values for Hitachi L300P terminal 3 C003 and C013 when set in USA (USP and normally closed).
3 - Correction of default values for Hitachi SJ300 terminal 6 C006 and C016 when set in USA (USP and normally closed).
4 - Correct error in loading Hitachi SJ100 055 LFU/R and Hitachi SJ100 075 LFU/R new file.
5 - Correct Virtual Hitachi Inverter incorrect simulation of upper/lower limits A061/A062.
6 - Correct loading error of some DOP Pro 1.0.4 files (Upload Error A52).
7 - Correct SRW/DOP imported file being saved with .SRW or .HID extension.
8 - Added Download warning messege.
March 2001

1 - Hitachi SJ100 A45 V-Gain range corrected from 50-100% to 20-100%.
2 - Import Hitachi SJ100 DOP Plus file would always error stating open file size was incorrect.
3 - Hitachi SJ300 B83 Carrier frequency range corrected from max 12kHz to max 15kHz.
4 - Hitachi SJ100 / Hitachi L100 A52 DC Brake Frequency would not save to file correctly or upload correct value.
5 - Hitachi L300P / Hitachi SJ300 Print-out would show change of default for input terminals incorrectly.
6 - Hitachi SJ100 / Hitachi L100 USA Defaults C14 incorrect for terminal 4 NO/NC setting.
7 - Hitachi SJ100 040 HFU error in loading set-up file.
8 - Hitachi L300P / Hitachi SJ300 error in loading file for 18.5kW size units.
9 - Hitachi L300P / Hitachi SJ300 Spelling error for German word "Eingand" should be "Eingang".
10 - Background colours did not follow the Desktop colour scheme.
11 - Extended communications Time-out value for SLV autotune feature and general communications.
12 - On Cancel of Save Routine after shut down asks you to save data. Program would close without saving.
13 - Japanese set-up on Hitachi L300P / Hitachi SJ300 would show A01 and A02 changed from default on loading of new file.
14 - It was possible to set an Input Terminal to Reset with a NC condition which is not permissible within the Hitachi inverter.
New Features Added:
1 - Addition of higher powers of Hitachi SJ300 and Hitachi L300P.
2 - Addition of SJ-DN/SJ-PB and SJ-LW option card parameters.
3 - Create Parameter Text file (*.TXT)
4 - Extended communication ports to 4.
5 - Improved Virtual Inverter Simulation.
6 - Graphical Status of Upload/Download Communications.
7 - On first running of DOP Pro Check user preferences.

8 - SRW updated to work with Hitachi L100 / Hitachi SJ100 range.
9- Additional Option for low memory usage.

February 2002

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