The first of the programs within the Drive Manager portfolio is called DOP Plus. For use with Hitachi L100, SJ100, SJ300, L300P & J100, J300 inverters. The software runs on any IBM-compatible PC within Windows 3.11, 95 and NT.

Essentially, the software emulates Hitachi's existing DOP and DRW hand held programming units, but with the convenience of being able to program drives at a desktop with a full size monitor. The screens within the software have been arranged to provide users with the interactivity and intuitive operation of the Windows environment, but also give on screen views of all the DOP screens available.

From the toolbar users can load data, select printing, text saving and writing EEPROM data to disk. Because the programming is in text files, the system is ideal for new users of drives since there is no need to have access to or knowledge of inverter address codes. There are in-built help screens for all function parameters and an automatic quick function parameter selection facility.

The software is able to identify by automatic detection, the inverter range being programmed and can also save and load the inverter set up to disk as well as be printed out. The current inverter set up can be compared with the set up in a file - a particularly useful feature when trouble shooting or retrofitting drives.

The software is packaged together with a getting started and technical manual and a cable that plugs into the serial port of the PC with a special adapter that fits the serial communications port on the inverters.

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